komene Self Adhesive Bra Luxury Wiredrawing Women Strapless Invisible Backless Reusable Push-Up with Drawstring


“It's hard to define the beauty, but for us, you define the beauty” Komene adhesive strapless bra has a goal to design another beauty for all women with a kind of invisible backless bra that is healthy, comfortable & beautiful, aims to make all women look more confident and outstanding at any occasion. 1. Well Design, Perfectly FitThis adhesive strapless bra combines wing cotton sides with adjustable front drawstring closure perfectly, it just can cover and hold everything in, and you can easily adjust the drawstring to fit your breast to your liking. 2. No bothering about falling offHarmless biological gel makes it secure sticky, you don't need to worry that it will fall down when you are outside, you can freely immerse yourself into what you are doing, but please kindly note this is skin-friendly biological gel, too much sweat may affect its stickiness. 3. Easy to wash, repeat to useThis Backless bra is very easy to wash, simply need to rinse by water and air dry it, after this, it can be reused for next use. 4. Lightweight Cotton DesignThe adhesive strapless bra is made with cotton, only at weight 0.03 lb, it can make your breast feel freedom and breathable, which adds no burden, especially for big-sized women 5. Size reference:Cup A : 70A(32A) 70B(32B) 75A(34A) 80A(36A) Cup B : 70C(32C) 75B(34B) 80B(36B) 85A(38A) Cup C : 85B(38B) 75C(34C) 80C(36C) 70D(32D) Cup D : 85C(38C) 75D(34D) 80D(36D) 85D(38D) 6. Package Content:1x Komene Self Adhesive Invisible strapless Silicone Backless Reusable Bra1x English InstructionWarm tips: Suggest to wash before initial use, do not recommend to wear adhesive bra as everyday bra.

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