Sticky Bra Adhesive Push Up Invisible Strapless Bras for Women 2 Pairs Reusable with Nipple Covers for Backless Dresses

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Product Description

adhesive braadhesive bra

Sticky backless push up bras show your charm

Push up adhesive bra is designed according to the breast shape of women. Strapless sticky bra adopts three-dimensional molded cups to make the breasts more natural and round. Adhesive gathering bra allows you to show off your proud twin peaks.

strapless sticky brastrapless sticky bra

strapless sticky brastrapless sticky bra

strapless sticky brastrapless sticky bra

Gather tall and straight

Sticky bra strapless three-dimensional cutting, three-dimensional molded cups, gathered cup-shaped design, make the breasts more natural, round and straight, deepen the cleavage, create a deep V breast shape, and become the highlight of the crowd. Bras for backless dresses can solve the loose breast shape, effectively concentrate side breasts, adhesive push up bras for women effectively prevents sagging.

Pull up invisible

Strapless bras for women backless is more comfortable and natural to use without leaving marks. Push up adhesive bras for women is directly attached to the skin, there is no strap on the back or shoulders, backless strapless bras is thick and comfortable overall, and secondly, the edge of gatherall bra is thin, which can fit the curve of the chest and be worn for a long time.

Durable front buckle

The cloth surface material of reusable sticky bra is light and has a more upright effect. Backless strapless bras one button and one buckle to adjust the chest shape, strapless backless push up bra can adjust the degree of gathering by itself.Adhesive invisible gathering bras makes women’s breasts look fuller and the cleavage more V-shaped.

strapless sticky brastrapless sticky bra

Features of sticky bra

Strapless backless bras for women light and breathable

Self adhesive bra honeycomb breathable cup, push up backless bra has multiple mesh ventilation holes, no sweating, allowing the chest to breathe freely, reusable sticky bra is comfortable and breathable.

Adhesive strapless bra take care of your nipple health

The nipples of backless strapless bra have no glue, and the focus is on protection. Backless push up bras can protect the health of the nipples, with zero contact and no stickiness.

Sticky strapless bra is comfortable

Backless bra push up is comfortable to wear all day, will not fall off when you sweat, invisible push up bras for women is washable and can be reused, strapless adhesive bras for women will not fall off or sweat when exposed to water, strong stickiness.

The sticky strapless bra set includes: Sticky bra*2 Nipple pasties*1 Chest Lifting Sticker*1 Manual*1

strapless sticky brastrapless sticky bra

Strapless bras for women push up backless is suitable for different clothing collocations, suitable for all kinds of dresses, wedding dresses, tube tops, and thin tops. Sticky bra cup is recommended for strapless, backless, sleeveless, suspenders and any other low cut tops.

The high-strength adhesive of the invisible bra for backless dress keeps your chest in a good and comfortable position without worrying that the adhesive strapless bra will fall off. Bras for backless dresses allows you to swim participate in various parties and dinners with confidence.

Next-to-skin, soft and comfortable, bras for dresses is ideal for gorgeous dresses or strapless tops.

strapless sticky brastrapless sticky bra

Tips on cleaning and using backless bra:

1. Do not wash strapless backless bra with a washing machine or with a brush. This will cause damage to the mucous membrane of the backless bra.

2. When cleaning adhesive push up bra, you should gently wash strapless sticky bra with a small amount of foam in the palm of your hand to draw a circle.

3. Please clean your chest before wearing adhesive bra, and press sticky push up bra a few times after wearing it.

4. If oily skin sweats a lot, use sticky bras after cleansing and drying the skin.

5. Do not put invisible push up bra in direct sunlight, please keep it in a cool place

6. Please do not use body lotion, moisturizer and other skin care products before use. This will easily lead to a decrease in the viscosity of adhesive gathering bra.

Gathering and lifting and invisible: Push up sticky bra has elongated mango-shaped side ratios on both sides, which can effectively gather and gather side breasts. Strapless backless bra can provide the required support for your breasts and prevent them from expanding. Sticky bra can adjust its tightness. When wearing a backless dress, backless bra is naturally invisible under your clothes, sticky boobs will not fall off, double protection, bras for dresses makes you no longer embarrassed.
Suitable for many occasions: Our backless bras is an ideal choice that can be matched with different clothes, such as daily wear, evening dresses, weddings, sundresses, plunging dresses, sportswear and other outfits, a great companion is adhesive bras. Adhesive bras for women is a suitable match for occasions such as casual, cocktail parties, night scenes and parties.Bras for backless dresses makes showing your bra straps no longer embarrassing, sticky bras lets you bloom your confidence.
2 pack sticky bras,meet your various outfits:Affordable set,one pack contains 2 pairs of strapless bras for women, black and nude.And a pair of nipple cover, chest lifting sticker.Nude sticky bra can be matched with light-colored clothes,and black adhesive bras can be matched with dark-colored clothes.Backless strapless bra is made of high quality material,material comfortable.Sticky bras for women is light to wear,soft and comfortable,keeps your chest in a good and comfortable position.
Adhesive bra waterproof easy to clean and reusable: Wipe your breasts with a warm towel before using sticky bra. Sweat and high temperature may affect the silicone sticky push up bras for women. Hand wash with running water after each use of bra for backless dresses, very easy to clean in just a few minutes. dry adhesive bra in a cool place. Adhesive push up bra exposure may also reduce tack, each sticky boobspush up bra can be used multiple times with good adhesion if cared for properly.

Sticky Bra Adhesive Push Up Invisible Strapless Bras for Women 2 Pairs Reusable with Nipple Covers for Backless Dresses
Sticky Bra Adhesive Push Up Invisible Strapless Bras for Women 2 Pairs Reusable with Nipple Covers for Backless Dresses

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